(Agenda sessions and times are subject to change)

9:00 AM
Paul Asadoorian
Paul Asadoorian - Security Weekly; CyberRisk Alliance
9:05 AM
Alyssa Miller
Alyssa Miller - S&P Global
9:35 AM
10:05 AM
Jay Beale
Jay Beale - InGuardians
O'Shea Bowens
O'Shea Bowens - Null Hat Security
10:35 AM
Dave Kennedy
Dave Kennedy - TrustedSec
11:05 AM
Stephen Gates
Stephen Gates - Checkmarx
11:35 AM
Chris Eng
Chris Eng - Veracode
Trenton Ivey Ryan Marcotte Cobb
Trenton Ivey - Secureworks
Ryan Marcotte Cobb - Secureworks
12:05 PM
Lesley Carhart
Lesley Carhart - Dragos
12:35 PM
Danny Jenkins
Danny Jenkins - ThreatLocker
1:05 PM
Marina Ciavatta
Marina Ciavatta - Hekate, Inc.
Michael Schladt
Michael Schladt - General Electric
1:35 PM
Justin Kohler
Justin Kohler - SpecterOps
Nick Leghorn
Nick Leghorn - The New York Times
2:05 PM
Mark Ralls
Mark Ralls - Invicti Security
2:35 PM
Maril Vernon
Maril Vernon - Zoom
3:05 PM
Mike Bursell
Mike Bursell - Profian
Patrick Coble
Patrick Coble - VDISEC
3:35 PM
Tony Cole
Tony Cole - Attivo Networks
4:05 PM
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson - Secure Ideas
Eric Escobar
Eric Escobar - Secureworks
4:35 PM
Josh Newtown
Josh Newtown - WhiteSource
5:05 PM
John Strand
John Strand - Black Hills Information Security