Demystifying data science for modern cyber operations
Date & Time
Thursday, December 16, 2021, 1:35 PM - 2:05 PM
Michael Schladt

It's no surprise with the exponential explosion of connected devices from smart TVs to home automation to remote monitoring, manual review of security related events isn't keeping pace (and hasn't for a while). Automation, AI, and data analytics is not a new concept to the domain of cybersecurity and nearly all vendors proudly proclaim the virtues of these technologies deployed in their products. Then why do the majority of cyber professionals seem to shun data analytics and avoid unlocking the potential of data science techniques in daily operations??? In this presentation, we will tackle the fundamentals of data science including data acquisition, graph analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Within the context of those domains we gently introduce the key concepts of statistics, path finding, centrality, modeling, classification, feature sets, training, and more. Sound complicated? Don't worry! This presentation isn't for PhD's, it's for the real world cyber operator. All concepts include practical applications to threat hunting, attack surface modeling, cyber intelligence mapping, and anomalous event detection. Open source tools including network graphing and AI enabled threat modeling to accompany presentation!