Empowered Accountability: The Real Business of Cyber Security
Date & Time
Thursday, December 16, 2021, 9:35 AM - 10:05 AM
Alyssa Miller

A growing concept among security leaders as of late has been suggesting that Cyber Security within our organizations should enable the business. However, when deeper conversations attempt to define what that means, many security leaders are left silent. Much of this challenge stems from our perception of information security being a technology or risk management function. But when we, as security leaders, walk into the executive suite, those conversations about technology and risk rarely generate much excitement. In this session, we’ll examine how security can go beyond and truly demonstrate to our organization the value we bring to the business function itself. Regardless of whether you’re early in your career as an individual contributor or a seasoned veteran in a high-level leadership role, you’ll discover a new way to present security as a business accelerator. You’ll hear examples of how security can drive product agility, encourage innovation, improve business viability, and ultimately enhance profitability. We’ll even discuss how the emerging role of Business Information Security Officer can be leveraged to make this possible. Be sure to join us and learn a whole new way to have the security conversation whether you’re talking with your manager, your executives or the board of directors. 

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